Use Our Virtual Prize/Coupon Interactive Promotion to:

Create a positive Brand Experience

Increase Contact Data, Likes, Followers

Reward / Motivate Customers or Employees

Engage Consumers

Drive People Into Your Website/Booth/Store

Increase Advertising Response Rates

Increase Customer Frequency

... and so much more

Virtual Prize Wheel Game Marketing

Incentive Prize Wheel Marketing is a powerful method of driving business.  Our clients range from a few Fortune 500 companies to many small businesses of various types.  Click Here to try our Prize Wheel Demos

Primary Benefits:

  • Capture names and email addresses of players

  • Fun interactive game marketing contest element to add to any promotion or event

  • Drive traffic into your website with the incentive of winning a prize

  • Increase Brand awareness with contests

  • May be used for an eCommerce store using coupon codes

  • Boost foot traffic into your physical location

  • Can be used to fill in slow business days
    (Example: Prizes can be redeemed Monday thru Thursday)

  • Amazing for websites or Trade Shows (view tradeshow video)

  • Positive brand engagement

  • Promote new product and or services

  • Affordable for any business

The Prize Wheel and the Coupon Wheel are identical products other than the user interface.  You set the odds, you set the quantity and prizes, or coupon types and watch your promotion exceed your expectations.


Virtual Prize Wheels runs from your Website, mobile phone or tablets, Point of Purchase Counter or Trade Show Booth. Load the Wheel with your choice of coupons or prizes, and quantities, then build your email list and watch your business increase with every Spin of the Prize Wheel. This fun, interactive marketing game will make both your customers and you winners!

Game Marketing Variations include:

Validation Code to Spin
Unique Barcodes in every email
No Input Spin
Countertop or Kiosk

Check out Big Screen versions used for Tradeshows.
Click Here

Customize Your Prize Wheel!
View Client Branded Designs

Try this innovative, affordable Prize or Coupon Wheel marketing solution and watch your business grow with every spin of the Prize Wheel! Optional Facebook Prize Wheel App.

Checkout this PDF example of how many people might play your Prize Wheel. There are hours where you might collect an email address per minute. We have removed the email addresses of the Players in this report.

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