The Combination Wheel - Offer a Prize and Coupons!

This is a amazing promotion for any business. Instant Win Marketing is powerful

The combination wheel is a creative way of promoting your business. The excitement of a prize and the rewards of savings! There are many ways to make it an effective part or your marketing campaigns.

Try this demo of the Combinations Wheel as used by a hotel .


Choose from available backgrounds  or have one custom made to maximize your brand with  This is Instant Win Marketing.

Click here for our dedicated Coupon Wheel marketing website.

Try this Demo to fully understand the power of this product  After you play you will receive a nicely formatted email which will be branded to your business.

How to play this Demo:
Enter your name and email address then press spin. If you win, a prize or coupon will be emailed to the address you provided, with instructions on how to collect your prize. One entry per person per game period.

Instant Win Prize Wheel Marketing Examples for Instant Win Contests

Below are our most popular Virtual Prize Wheels Demos.  You set the prizes, you set the odds. Our Virtual Prize Wheels are very versatile and capable of 1000's of promotions. Please contact us for a Prize Wheel to suit your instant win promotion.  

New: We have two new variations using SMS.  One asks the user to text a shortcode to receive a code to play. (More info) The other allows you to have the player enter their mobile number to play, then after the spin the prize details are sent via text.

The Original Prize Wheel

The Original Prize Wheel

A great way to get attention
to your website. You set the odds, you set the quantity and prizes, and much more!
Click Here for Demo

Coupon Wheel

The Coupon Wheel

Similar to the Original Prize Wheel, but instead of prizes, Coupons are given away. Drive sales with Coupon Marketing!
Click Here for Demo

Options: Try Other Instant Win Marketing Variations

Prize Wheel with Validation Validation Code to Spin

Give an incentive to customers or employees to reach goals! Upload codes that will allow a spin of the Wheel.
Click Here for Demo
Prize Wheel with Barcodes Barcoded Emails

Upload barcode numbers matching your POS system for unique barcodes in every email.
Click Here for Demo
No input Prize Wheel No Input to Spin

No need to collect contact information? This is the Prize Wheel for you. You set the prizes and odds.  Fun!
Click Here for Demo

Countertop/Kiosk Print instead of email!

This version is perfect for kiosks, POS/countertop and big screen monitors at your location or at a tradeshow. It can also print receipts and can auto-reload.
Click Here for More Info

Click below to visit our main web site, Brand Gaming for Tablet and Mobile Marketing demos.

Our Optional Facebook App requires players to Like your page before they can Spin!

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At this trade show the line to grew 50 people deep.  Just to take a spin and give up their contact data.

Customize Your Prize Wheel!
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Virtual Prize Wheel Marketing

At Google the word "sweepstakes" it returns 40.9 million of references. Sweepstakes are popular for one reason: They work!

It is widely reported that more than 70% of online users will trade their contact information for a chance to win a prize.