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An all new interactive system to excite listeners, collect contact data, drive measurable results while building creative promotions. Players have a chance to win Prizes while you gain more visitors to your web site or Facebook page . Our Facebook App will truely make you viral! Everyone Wins!


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The Original Prize Wheel

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Benefits: Options:
  • Engage listeners in an innovative way
  • State-of-the-art promotions that generate excitement
  • Capture email addresses and names of players
  • Drive traffic into your web site or Facebook page
  • Generate income with Sponsorships
  • Affordable for any Radio Station
  • Custom Branding of the Prize Wheel
  • Market area exclusives
  • Viral Facebook Application
  • Many other options for successful promotions
  • Volume discounts for multi-unit stations
How to use: The Virtual Prize Wheel installs on your website, branded mini site or your Facebook page. Load the Wheel with prizes and quantities of your choice. Then promote the chance to win prizes from your website, Facebook Page or event.

Below are a few no brainer promotions. Creative radio marketers could find many others.

Basic:  Add it to the website to engage listeners to build your email database.
Use the Unique Code to Spin and post a unique code to Facebook every hour for the first person to get to the wheel.   Or go read off the secret code to push people to the website to play.
This is a great example of how to use this on Facebook to build followers
Sell sponsorships for each prize level. Then within each prize level of the email that is sent will contain additional graphical coupons or messages specifically from the advertiser.
Sell the Wheel to a single sponsor and run it from the stations website. Build the campaign to include the wheel and the chance to win from the sponsor.  You will find an increased response rate for the advertiser and they get the email list of all the players.
Have a single grand prize and stretch the promotional period as long as possible, then instead of doling out prizes almost everyone that spins will be entered for a second chance to win.  This promotion can be tied to our system that send out a unique code in each email. They can later come back and use that code on the Unique Code to Spin Wheel.
Use at Remotes running at full screen, instead of the old ballot box stations use.


Instant Win Prize Wheel Marketing Examples

Below are some examples of Radio Station Promotion Ideas for Prize Wheels.  Our Virtual Prize Wheels are very versatile and capable of 1000's of promotions. Please contact us for a Prize Wheel to suit your radio promotion. 

The Original Prize Wheel

The Prize Wheel
This Prize Wheel works 24/7 acquiring names and email addresses for marketing initiatives. Everyone likes a chance to win a prize and together you will both be winners.

Click Here for Demo

No input Prize Wheel

No Input to Spin

No need to collect contact information? This is the Prize Wheel for you.

Click Here for Demo
Prize Wheel with Validation Validation Code to Spin

Lots of fun promotions. Tell the listeners the first person to your website that enters the special code and may win. This can also be used with the Facebook App

Click Here for Demo

This version is perfect for kiosks or countertops at your location or at a tradeshow. Touch, Swipe, Auto-Print Barcoded receipts.

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The Voting Wheel

Need to collect opinions? The Voting Wheel is perfect for finding out what the top five or ten songs of the day are. It will give your listeners a fun interactive way of voting.

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All New!
Facebook Viral Application

Our Facebook App allows people to post
 to all their friends Wall after they Spin!

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Our Optional Facebook App allows people to post to all their friends Wall after they Spin!

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At this trade show the line to grew 50 people deep.  Just to take a spin and give up their contact data.

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Virtual Prize Wheel Marketing

At Google the word "sweepstakes" it returns 40.9 million of references. Sweepstakes are popular for one reason: They work!

It is widely reported that more than 70% of online users will trade their contact information for a chance to win a prize.